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It’s a Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween

Posted on October 20, 2017


Halloween is just over a week away… wouldn’t it be fun to bond with your child while learning how to carve a pumpkin that looks like Thomas the Tank Engine?

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Relive your memories from taking your little one to see Thomas and Friends earlier this year at our Day Out With Thomas event at Essex Station!

This project requires adult supervision. Materials you will need to carve the pumpkin are:

  • Medium-to-large sized pumpkin (a flattish area on one side helps, if you can find one like that)
  • Printer (black-and-white is fine) with paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Spoon or ice-cream scoop
  • Pattern transfer tool such as a push-pin or xacto knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Pumpkin saw (optional but will help with detailed carving)

CLICK HERE to download and print your Thomas the Tank Engine stencil.

Carving: Begin the pumpkin-carving process by cutting a large hole around the stem, large enough so that you can put your fist into the pumpkin to scoop out the seeds. Next, use the spoon or scoop to remove as much of the goopy seeds as possible.

Images from DDD ToysNFun You Tube channel

Trim the paper pattern so that there is about one inch border around the design. Apply the paper to the pumpkin using tape.

Next, using the push-pin or xacto knife, poke holes around the entire border of the image(s) so that you will be able to see where to carve out the design once the paper is removed.

Remove the paper from the pumpkin and begin the carving process. Take your time and let the knife do its job, i.e. don’t use a lot of pressure on the pumpkin itself. When you have a large area, cut it out in sections, and to remove pieces, push them out from the inside of the pumpkin.

Once you are satisfied with the carving, use a pumpkin light to illuminate your work of art!

Have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us at Essex Steam Train & Riverboat!

Visit our website after the holidays to see when Thomas is coming to town in 2018, or follow us on Facebook.

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