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J. David Conrad Retires as Chief Mechanical Officer at Essex Steam Train / Valley Railroad Company

Kevin Dodd, President and CEO of Essex Steam Train & Riverboat, has announced the retirement of J. David Conrad as Chief Mechanical Officer. Conrad joined the staff at Essex Steam Train/Valley Railroad Company in March 1986, and celebrated his retirement […]


Safety Point

January isn’t a slow time for Essex Steam Train. In fact, it’s one of our busiest and most important times of the year. Our entire fleet of engines and cars are consistently maintained and inspected every 30 days, 60 days […]


Hobo Cuisine – Mulligan Stew

The term hobo originated in the Northwestern United States around 1890. Hobos were migratory workers who were often impoverished and forced to travel for work. These workers would often find themselves in camps with a large campfire and pot where […]