Essex Station

Essex Station Tour MapThis map provides a brief overview of the trains, equipment, structures, and miscellaneous objects you will find on the Essex Station property. You are free to walk the property at your discretion. Since some of this equipment is operational, or is owned by other groups or individuals, it may not be in the same location as indicated. Printable Version. You can find out more about the Valley Railroad on our History Page. Enjoy!

  1. Essex Station
  2. Rail Chair
  3. Signal Posts
  4. CV Hand Car
  5. Crossing Tender’s Shanty
  6. HT & W Snowplow
  7. L & NE Gondola “728”
  8. Valley Hopper “272”
  9. Union Tank Car “94460”
  10. Erie Boxcar “86302”
  11. NYC Automobile Boxcar
  12. Baggage / Horse Car “8770”
  13. “Lomax” Caboose
  14. River Valley Junction
  15. Maine Central Boxcar “9435”
  16. Connecticut Valley Food Service Car “500”
  17. Dining Car “Wallingford”
  18. Dining Car “Meriden”
  19. Kitchen Car “Colonial Hearth”
  20. FVRR Caboose “Ralph Gibson”
  21. Valley Railroad Diesel-Electric Locomotive “0900”
  22. Valley Railroad Diesel-Electric Locomotive “0901”
  23. FVRR Porter 0-6-0T Locomotive
  24. Reserve Connecticut Valley Coaches
  25. Former Dining-Parlor-Lounge Car “Toreador”
  26. PRR Baggage Car “9284”
  27. Lamoille Valley Railroad Coaches
  28. Mail Crane and Various Crossbucks
  29. “Sherman’s Necktie”
  30. Bufflo Springfield Steamroller
  31. “Hairpin” Fence

We’ve true aficionados, we’ve uploaded a roster of Valley Railroad rolling stock in PDF Format as well as RTF Format (January 2014), and have put together a Valley Railroad Locomotive History (February 2014)