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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater: 2019 Lineup Announced

Posted on May 31, 2019

Lady Katharine Cruises and the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat announce the continuation of our immensely popular Murder Mystery Dinner Theater series with a 2019 lineup aboard our cruise ship, the Mystique. The show is presented by the ACME Mystery Company, a Syracuse-based theater troupe that puts on interactive performances across Connecticut, Central New York, and the Hudson Valley.

The 2019 Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise lineup will encompass six performances across three dates. Each date will feature a new show with a new mystery to solve:

Saturday, June 22, 2019: “Deadly Inheritance”

Departs Charter Oak Landing, Hartford, CT

The matriarch of a wealthy family is gravely ill and wishing to settle her estate. First, her long lost younger son must be declared officially dead. That’s where the fun begins! Join in as you and the other intensely greedy relatives gather to memorialize “Little Dickie” and battle for position to receive the lion’s share of the family’s $13 billion fortune. Be careful at this gathering, however, the next memorial could be for you. 

Saturday, August 17, 2019: “Homestyle Homicide”

Departs Eagle Landing State Park, Haddam, CT

The Freagan Family Reunion – Come a runnin’, cousins, ’cause it’s time again for the annual family reunion and the whole Freagan family is gonna be there! We’re gonna have vittles, singin’, hooting’ and hollerin’, and, of course, no family gathering would be complete without the annual pig-calling contest! Dang, you might even whin abig ol’ slop bucket full of money! Yee Haw! Best watch your step on the farm this year, though. Pa’s been hitting the moonshine a might too hard and is about to lose the farm to that no good snake, Beauregard Hogwallerin! When the girls find out, somebody could end up on the barbecue!

Saturday, November 16, 2019: “Big Louie and the Gang That Couldn’t Think Straight”

Departs Harbor Park Landing, Middletown, CT

You and the rest of the Bangalone Gang are in deep trouble. Big Louie’s been beaned by a bocci ball and now he ain’t thinking so good. The gang’s got to figure out what to do before arch rival gang leader “Muscles” Marinara has you rubbed out. You better move fast. Word on the street is that ruthless hitman and master of disguise, Jake “The Weasel”, is on the way.

Advance tickets are required and shows are expected to sell out far in advance. Entry to the matinee lunch show is $65 per guest, while the dinner show is priced at $85 per guest. Tickets include the show, a signature buffet lunch or dinner, and dessert. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

Tickets are available at this link.

About the ACME Murder Mystery Company

Based out of Syracuse, New York, ACME provides interactive comedies in a mystery format, usually in conjunction with a dinner. Their shows play on two levels: they are extremely funny and fun to watch but there also is a very real mystery which each audience member gets the chance to solve. At every seat is a program telling you where you are, when you are, and who you are. It also tells you about the characters you will be meeting. Additionally, each table is given a Clue and encouraged to exchange this information with other tables in an effort to put together the most comprehensive list so as to better solve the mystery.

They write all of their own material to ensure quality and have been entertaining audiences throughout the Northeast since 1997. They’ve given over 2,000 performances in venues big and small from mansions to restaurants, hotels to local halls. They entertain at regular venues, semi-regular venues, annual events, and special occasions.

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About Lady Katharine Cruises

Lady Katharine Cruises was founded on a longstanding tradition of appreciation and respect for the Connecticut River Valley and its rich history. Our flagship vessel, the “Mystique”, has held an unmistakable presence on the Middletown waterfront since 2004. Her size, 113’ long and 29’ wide, and her accommodations offer a unique and comfortable venue for events of all types. She has two fully enclosed, climate controlled dining decks and a magnificent tented observation deck, perfect for special occasions.

The Valley Railroad Company acquired Lady Katharine Cruises in 2017, adding a second vessel to its fleet. Lady Kate has since continued to successfully operate under the same name, hosting a full schedule of public cruises and private events throughout the year.

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About the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat

Owned and operated by the Valley Railroad Company, the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat is a unique historic attraction in the Connecticut River Valley. The railroad has transported people in Connecticut since 1868, and the Valley Railroad Company has operated today’s well-known train and riverboat for over 40 years.

The Essex Steam Train & Riverboat offers excursions through the unspoiled Connecticut River Valley, a place designated as “one of the last great places on earth” by the Nature Conservancy. The steam locomotive pulls vintage coaches through the quintessential New England towns of Deep River and Chester, and the Becky Thatcher riverboat takes visitors past the undeveloped Selden Neck State Park on its way to East Haddam. Various eco-excursions, family outings, and themed events are offered throughout the year.

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