Aura Workshop

Thursday, October 12, 2023

What is an aura, and more importantly how can knowing about your aura improve your life?

Through this in-person, guided workshop, Paranormal Author Sydney Sherman will discuss the significance our individual aura plays in our health – physically and psychologically.

You will learn about the study of auras, how to identify the many different colors of auras, and the distinct personality traits and characteristics which can be attributed to these colors.

You will also learn how a person’s aura color can help to identify illnesses, stress, emotional disturbances … even cancer. This works with pets as well! Learn how the energy from others affects your aura negatively or positively. Find out how you can protect your aura, and yes, even learn to SEE the auras of others. You will also be told the color of your Aura during this exclusive experience. How cool is that?

This limited attendance event will be highly interactive and packed with information…AND it’s a lot of fun!

Appetizers and sweets will be provided to nosh on during the experience, as well as complimentary coffee and tea. Full cash bar available.

6:30-9 pm