BOOs & Brews

Thursday, October 26th

Join us as we venture to new haunted locations, as we welcome the original CT Ghost Hunters back to the property on October 26. Enjoy 4 hours of investigating some of the creepiest locations around the Essex station grounds, aboard the moving train and on our Deep River station property, while guided by members of CT Ghost Hunters. We may even stop to see if the XYZ robber is still haunting the tracks with the Lady in Black. The Essex Steam Train locations are known for their history and hauntings! And now you too can be a part of this history.

You will be paranormal investigators for the evening, and will need to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for whatever may go bump in the night. You will join our team in an attempt to communicate and identify with the souls that have been walking our platforms and gathering in our train cars and buildings for many years. But first you must ask yourself, are you brave enough?

Before you embark on this paranormal adventure, we invite you to enjoy some snacks from our appetizer buffet, and get ready for the tour with a complimentary brew on our patio. CT Ghost Hunters will show you all the equipment that you will use during the investigation, and explain what it’s for, and why it’s used. After a few safety tips…the fun begins! Will you capture an EVP of a lonely conductor still hard at work? Or catch a ghostly image of passengers from long ago on the platform, or old sea captains still sailing along the river?