Thar Be Pirates!

Legendary Rogues, Scoundrels, & Renegades on the Connecticut River

Saturday, August 12

Boarding of Train: 6:30 pm

Train & Boat Excursion: 6:45 pm – 9:45pm

$119.99 (Age 21 + only)

Ahoy and Avast Ye!

Let us show you a wicked good time as you join the crew of the notorious Captain Kidd for an exclusive adventure on the Connecticut River.

Come, join a gathering of the legendary pirates of New England as they celebrate the most notorious dread pirate of them all aboard the Becky Thatcher, the famed riverboat overtaken by a rowdy crew for this very occasion.

Hear tales of buried treasure along the Connecticut River and the ghosts who protect it! Listen and sing along to ancient sea chanteys that speak to the life of a pirate!

Board a train that takes you back to the time when pirates scoured the seas, river, and sound. The train will stop at the Deep River Landing where you will board the Becky Thatcher for a 2-hour cruise filled with stories, specialty drinks, sea shanties, interactive performances, and more.

If you look carefully, you may catch sight of a phantom pirate ship, following us in search of lost treasure.

Come aboard if you dare…..

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